Aligned Performance Seminar

The Aligned Performance workshop will create immediate changes within your brain neurology and physiology that makes you have lasting results as soon as you leave. The tools have helped average performers become superstars in their respective professions.

The process is a customized program to every individual person in the program.  It clears the emotional clutter stopping people from moving forward in their business and life.

In the workshop the attendee will learn….

  • Why people’s goals don’t work
  • How to write goals using their maximum brain power
  • How to build a blueprint for building their business
  • What neuro-emotional leadership is
  • How to determine their own values
  • How to lead others through the value determination process
  • The difference between a vision and a mission
  • How to clarify between fantasies and objective reasoning

These are some of the general topics. Each program is customized depending on the challenges facing the organization.  

Science has shown us today how the brain works and how to maximize performance through neurobiology.  Most sales organizations are using outdated performance strategies to try and keep their teams motivated, yet employee engagement is at an all time low. Using the Aligned Performance process creates an inspired team aligned to the vision of the leader and the objectives of the organization.

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The Key Components of Aligned Performance

The Belief Inventory

Most leaders are leading and coaching new recruits asking them to change their beliefs. The more pertinent question is what are their current beliefs.  Most leaders are coaching people not knowing what they belief. In this section Dr. Trivedi outlines for the attendee how to realize their own beliefs on things like money, rejection, and business.  It’s eye opening to the participant and to the leaders as they learn the beliefs of their team.

The New Model

For over 70 years personal development gurus having been teaching the same motivational strategies with their spin on the subject of beliefs.  However science has given us new information and understanding of how the brain works and how we think.  In this section Dr. Trivedi will teach the differences between the two and the Anatomy of a Belief.  Where you get to the core source of how the belief is created so that it can be changed.

The Value Determination System

This section is the application of the new model and how people and sales leaders can use science to create lasting changes in minutes with their teammates.  No longer is it necessary to spend countless hours and struggle to change the brain and the thought patterns of an individual.

Neuro-reframing Rejection

Every leader states the biggest challenge to their business can be solved by people recruiting more and people don’t because of rejection. Dr Trivedi takes the entire class and in a matter of 20 minutes has people get over their fear of rejection.  People after this section alone recruit more and gain greater confidence with the bulletproof mindset needed to go and recruit more people to your business.

MVP Formula

In this section the attendees go through the process of clarifying their mission within Primerica. This creates a neurologic change that leaves them inspired to build their business for themselves. Through this process they become more engaged and inspired which leads to more recruits and increased retention




What People Say After They Experience Aligned Performance

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